Starter Kits

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What Are Vape Kits?

Are you a new vaper? Or maybe just want the full hook up? DynaVap kits are good for beginners and experienced vapers. Vape Kits are designed to give you all you need to try vaping for the first time.

What Do Complete Vape Starter Kits Include?

The kit provides you with all you need to start your vaping journey. Each kit differs slightly but all include:

  • Battery free vape device
  • Stash
  • Heat source
What Vape Kit Should I Choose?

The best dry herb vaporizer is different for everyone. Consider the following as you evaluate your options: 

  • Durability: A vape that's able to withstand wear and tear and remain functional is invaluable. We've put all of our devices to the ultimate test and have designed them with Stainless Steel or Titanium components.
  • Portability: You can enjoy your DynaVap device anywhere without worrying about battery life. This battery-free dry herb vape is pocket-sized and discrete.
  • Materials: Materials make a big difference in your smoking experience. Your device should be made from safe metals like Stainless Steel. It's especially important for parts like the heating chamber where your herbs will go.
  • Flavor experience: Flavor can vary by device and technique. DynaVap vaporizers take your terpenes to a new high and will give you a full flavor experience.
  • Efficiency: Get more from less. DynaVap vaporizers allow you to get 75% more out of your material.
  • Temperature controls: You won't have to tinker with different temperature settings with a DynaVap device. Simply heat your pen with a torch lighter until you hear a click, this means your device has reached the optimal temperature to enjoy.