DynaVap New Product Idea Submission Policy

We receive many unsolicited ideas and suggestions from people outside our organization and have many of our own projects and products under development. While we enjoy hearing from you, the purpose of this policy is to avoid any potential misunderstandings or disputes when DynaVap products
or advertising might seem like a submission that may have been provided to DynaVap. In fact, DynaVap may already be working on something similar before you provide your Submission.

The Rules:

DynaVap employees and contractors do not accept, review, or consider any unsolicited ideas, proposals, suggestions, or the like, including for advertising campaigns, promotions, products, services, technologies, product enhancements, processes, marketing strategies, and product names
(“Submissions”). Please do not send or provide any Submissions in any form to DynaVap employees or contractors. Instead, if you are interested in submitting an idea to us, please use the link below. 

HOWEVER, please keep the following in mind:

We cannot agree, nor do we agree to keep your Submission confidential.

We may already have a similar product or idea in the works, which was developed without your input.

We would encourage you to file for a patent before you contact us if you desire to retain ownership for yourself.

For products we are interested in, we MAY explore arrangements that are mutually beneficial to you and to us, but we cannot promise you this will occur, nor will we compensate you for a Submission.

Our brand is important to us. Therefore, the use of the DYNAVAP trademark and logo, and any DynaVap trademark or logo design, including our colors and other branding is only available through licensing. Please contact us if this is of interest.

We do not endorse third party products.

Submissions are reviewed approximately 1 time per month. We may or may not review your Submission.

The decision whether to further explore a Submission is at our sole discretion.

We will contact you about your Submission only if we have interest. Please do not contact us.

To help you with your decision whether to submit your idea to us, here are some examples of criteria we use to evaluate ideas (this is not an exhaustive list):

Does it fit within our current product families?

Is there a market need for this?

Can we manufacture it; and can it be packaged and shipped in a way that works for us, our resellers, and our customers?

What is the cost of manufacturing, sale, and shipping of the item?

What is the profit potential of the item?

Is it new? Unique? A noteworthy improvement?

By clicking the following link I Agree to the Above Policy: