The VonG (i) Starter Pack
The VonG (i) Starter Pack

The VonG (i) Starter Pack

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SKU: VDK-222.f
Torch:USA/Full Lighter

The VonG (i) is your water piece’s new best friend. With capability to be used with a water piece, or on its own as a dry herb vaporizer, the VonG (i) is DynaVap’s most solidly built  and versatile vaporizer. 


Everybody who wants an exceptional dry herb vaping experience.

  • Durability: Built to last a lifetime, the VonG (i) is crafted from titanium right here in the USA.
  • Flavor Explosion: Take your terpenes to a new high. Enjoy flavor like you've never tasted before in your herb of choice.
  • Eliminate Combustion: Go smoke free. Once you try a DynaVap vaporizer, you enter a smoke-free world of enjoyment.
  • Discreet, Portable, & Modular: Our vaporizers fit right in your pocket and can be enjoyed while doing most any activity.
  • Stretch your Herb: DynaVap vaporizers use much less (>50%) of your material, all while producing high level results.
  • Battery Free: There is no battery on our devices. All you need is a heat source, such as a torch or lighter, and you are all set.
  • Airflow control is simplified with the rotating sleeve
  • Durable and thick exterior make it near indestructible
  • Cleaning is easy as you can disassemble this whole device
  • 10mm and 14mm tapered mouthpiece for fitment with female water piece openings
  • Captive Cap engineered to “click” when heated to the optimal vaporization temperature, offering an exceptional user-controlled session
  • Microdose ready with our “adjust-a-bowl” that reduces chamber/bowl size by half
  • Remove the Cap1
  • Load your dry herb into the Tip chamber/bowl
  • Place the Cap back on the Tip
  • Heat the Cap with a Torch or Induction Heater until it Clicks (this takes ~5-7 seconds)
  • Inhale from the mouthpiece end
  • The Cap will click again when it has cooled down
  • You can either
    • Heat your Cap up again for more extraction
    • Save your AVB for later uses (if your bud is done)
    • Store your vaporizer for the next session
  • VonG (i): Titanium
  • DynaStash: Walnut
  • Cyclone Triple Torch
  • DynaWax
  • Replacement Parts
    • High Temp O-Rings (5)
    • Condenser O-Rings (2 small, 1 large)
    • Titanium CCD (1)

Rediscover your love for cannabis with DynaVap vaporizers. By joining the DynaVap family, you are unlocking the epic world of Thermal Extraction. We guarantee that you will love your eye-opening first experience with our dry herb vaporizers and we back that up with our 90 day money back guarantee. There is room for everybody - join the DynaVerse today!