The 2019 Color "M"

Brace yourself. M-Brace the color.

Introducing three dynamic colors to express your personality and style, AuruM, RosiuM and PhantoM. The New Color “M” - M-brace the color.


Aurum M


The Latin word for gold, AuruM has a rich, luxurious character that’s equal parts elegance and strength for beauty that lasts. AuruM presents eye-catching style that’s classically cool.

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rosium m


It’s pink… or is it? The polychromatic RosiuM changes colors with movement - vibrant pink with captivating glints of gold, blue and green. It’s unique and seriously fun.

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phantom m


Dark grey is a solid, practical and sophisticated color. PhantoM is bold yet understated and alternates between shiny and matte depending on use. It gives off an intriguing, gritty, chill vibe.

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