Other Herbs to Vape Besides Cannabis

Other Herbs to Vape Besides Cannabis

For your first time having a Thermal Extraction Adventure outside of the cannabis plant, I would recommend vaping something such as peppermint because it has a refreshing taste, can be easily mixed with other herbs, and can stimulate your focus.

How many of you have tried vaping anything other than cannabis out of a vaporizer? Have you tried coffee, hops, or even GARLIC?!?!?

I am willing to bet that very few of you have. It is definitely something you should try at least once. Part of the fun with DynaVap’s thermal extraction devices (also called vaporizers) is the variety of botanicals and herbs that you can extract flavorful and effective compounds from. 

If you remember in the last DynaBlog where I discussed the difference between Indica and Sativa, I had mentioned the terpene linalool which is prevalent in many cannabis strains such as Amnesia Haze. Linalool has several benefits including but not limited to reducing levels of anxiety and depression. Leafly goes into great detail on how just the terpene of linalool can be beneficial.

What if you do not have any strains that have high concentrations of linalool? Pick yourself up some high-quality organic lavender to use in your vaporizer and give it a low temp draw. You will get the benefits of linalool without the other effects of cannabis such as THC, CBD, CBN, etc. 

For your first time having a Thermal Extraction Adventure outside of the cannabis plant, I would recommend vaping something such as peppermint because it has a refreshing taste, can be easily mixed with other herbs, and can stimulate your focus. Another great option is coffee (either the whole bean or ground) if you are a fellow java connoisseur like myself. You get that quick pick me up without needing to actually brew a pot. 

You probably already have several herbs in your spice cabinet that you can give a try, such as thyme, rosemary,or  peppermint. But before you perform a pantry raid, I would recommend reading the following blogs by WeedMaps, Vaping360, and Royal Queen Seeds (the latter happens to be a great place to purchase a VapCap ;)) and find out exactly what you should try and what the benefits of each herb is. 

The above articles also list specific vaping temperature recommendations for several different legal herbs. As I mentioned in our last blog, the temperature at which you choose to extract will greatly change the effects the herbs have on you due to the individual boiling points of the various compounds. For many of these herbs they perform best at a very low temperature, so you will want to heat as close to the crimp on the Cap as you can, preferably with a Low Temp Cap for the best results. 

You can also mix these herbs with each other or with cannabis if you so choose. However, I like to choose herbs that have active compounds that match those of cannabis, such as pairing it with green tea. It is an interesting way to drastically change up the sesh using other consumables I already have on hand. 

What about vaping odd plants such as the garlic that I mentioned at the top of this post? It can be done and if you like garlic you will probably enjoy it, however, it is not for the faint of heart. Garlic is reportedly great for the immune system and I personally really enjoy the taste of garlic. If you choose to aerosolize Allium (the fancy Latin word for garlic) do so at temperatures near 392 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal results. 

Lastly, what about hops? Hops is part of the same family as cannabis plants and extracts wonderfully. You get that wonderfully hoppy flavor that you would get from a great microbrew without all the calories. Don’t just take my word for it. In fact, esteemed brewery Lagunitas held an event back in 2014 where they vaporized hops. Who knows, with us being in Wisconsin, maybe DynaVap will have the opportunity to team up with some legendary local breweries for something similar. 

In conclusion, do not limit your thermal extractions to only cannabis. Branch out and explore what is available to you and you may be surprised by what you taste, and feel. A great dry-herb vaporizer to use for flavorful herb extraction experiences is the DynaVap M. Not only is the M perfect for getting the exact type of effects you want out of your lavender or other herbs, but it also features chiral airports that allow you to choose the exact type of air flow you want per draw. 




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