The Snap: Basic 2020 M Heating Tips

The Snap is a short video segment hosted by DynaVap’s Retail Josh. The Snap is designed to answer frequently asked DynaVap related questions to help maximize your VapCap experience. 

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On this week’s Snap, we are discussing and demonstrating basic heating techniques with our entry-level VapCap: the 2020 M

For these basic techniques, Josh will demonstrate with a triple flame torch lighter (in this case, a Cyclone II) and an induction heater (Apollo 2). If you are new to DynaVap, we recommend starting with the 2020 M and a triple flame torch or induction heater.

If you’re looking for tips with a single flame torch, we cover that in advanced heating tips.

For the following demonstrations, we suggest watching Josh’s techniques while practicing with your 2020 M. Use this blog as a guide to help you follow along.


Torch Heating

Launch to Space

How you heat your VapCap and where you aim the heat will have a direct impact on your experience. Heating the tip near the crimp will give you a more flavorful draw filled with all those tasty terpenes. Meanwhile, heating the base will give you a higher temperature and a more potent cloud of vapor.


With the exception of an induction heater, you need to rotate your VapCap while heating. This allows the flame to fully reach a majority of The Cap and tip area. If you don’t rotate your VapCap, your material will not heat evenly.

There are two types of rotation when it come to heating your VapCap: the “infinite spin” and the “back and forth”. For beginners, we recommend infinite spin due to the consistent heating it provides.

To do the infinite spin, rotate your 2020 M in one continuous rotation with your index finger and thumb. This will create an even heating throughout and a consistent performance. Watch how Josh does it.

Jet placement

On your triple flame torch, aim the bottom two jets at The Cap/Tip area of your 2020 M. This creates high temperatures inside the tip, which results in dense, potent vapor clouds.

triple torch jets

Take note of the distance between your cap and the flame. Do not bury the VapCap in the flame. Instead, keep your torch about 1 ½ inches from The Cap.

keep torch from cap

If you want to get those dense clouds, slower heating is better.

It is normal for the first heating cycle with fresh material to lack dense vapor. This is because the heat of The Tip hasn’t been soaked in all the way. Vapor potency has a cumulative effect; the first heat up will be mostly flavor. You’ll get denser vapor in consecutive heating cycles.

Basic Induction Heater tips with your 2020 M

An induction heater is really easy to use - but the technique is still very important. An induction heater will warm up your VapCap very quickly and we recommend using some of the techniques below to give you the ideal experience.

The two basic heating techniques with an Induction Heater that we recommend using are Pulse Heating and Skipping a Cycle.


Pulse Heating

To slow that heating time and get the densest possible vapor, place your 2020 M into the induction heater and press and let go repeatedly until The Cap clicks.


Skip a Cycle

If the pulse method isn’t giving your dense enough vapor, try skipping a heat cycle. Heat your 2020 M with the pulse method, but when The Cap clicks, place the 2020 M on the magnet and let it cool. 

I know it’s tempting, but it’s worth the wait.

When the cooldown click occurs, stick your 2020 M  right back in the Induction Heater and pulse again until you hear the heat up click. Now take a draw.

In conclusion...

Slower heating is better. As we demonstrated in this week’s Exploring the DynaVerse, fast heating doesn’t equal flavor.

Figuring out the right heating technique is an important step in the relationship between you and your 2020 M. Try a few techniques and see what works best for you. We have several other heating tip videos that go into more detail:

Advanced Heating Tips

Triple torch heating tips

Induction Heater tips

How to Use the VapCap


There is also a community of DynaVap enthusiasts (we call them the DynaVerse) that will be happy to lend you a hand.



FC forum


DynaVerse (Facebook)


Social Media






 And as always, we’d love to hear what you’ve tried and what techniques you’ve discovered!

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