How to Measure Weed: A Guide to Weed Measurements

Guide to Weed Measurements 

Weed measurements can get complicated - gram, eight, quarter, ounce and even some slang terms like dime bag. If you're just venturing into the world of cannabis, weed weights can be a little daunting.

Most marijuana strains are measured in ounces, but you can purchase different weed amounts. The perfect amount depends on your needs for the material. Here's a breakdown of the most common weed measurements.


A gram of weed is a base unit of measurement. It's the smallest measurement you can purchase so it's a solid choice for trying out a new strain or just giving cannabis a go in general. A single gram is enough to fill a couple of joints or blunts. 


An eighth is an eighth of an ounce of weed, or 3.5 grams of cannabis. This amount is enough for several blunts and bowl packs. It’s the most popular quantity because you have enough at your disposal, but don't have to rush to consume it. 


Sometimes referred to as a “quad”, a quarter ounce of cannabis is equivalent to about 7 grams or double an eighth. This quantity is suitable for regular users who tend to run through smaller purchases relatively quickly.

A quarter of weed is enough to roll about 12 joints or pack a considerable amount of bowls and one hitter, depending on your tolerance level. 


A half or “half zip”, is half an ounce of marijuana. To put that in perspective, half an ounce is around 14 grams of weed and enough to easily roll upwards of 30 joints. This larger quantity is better served by heavy users of the plant. 


A full ounce of weed, or a “zip” is just over 28 grams of cannabis. It is important to note that this is the legal limit for purchasing marijuana in a single transaction.

An ounce of weed can produce nearly 60 blunts or 100 joints.


Although a pretty inconceivable amount of green for a single person to use, if you find yourself in need of a pound you should be set for quite some time. Weighing in at 16 entire ounces or about 454 grams.

Although, if you are not an authorized purchaser possession of anything near this amount is likely punishable by jail time or fines. Make sure to check on your local law enforcement guidelines before trying to take the Costco approach to your weed!

Marijuana Measurement Breakdown

  • 1 eighth = ⅛-ounce = 3.5 grams
  • 1 quarter = ¼-ounce = 7 grams
  • 1 half = ½-ounce = 14 grams
  • 1 ounce = 28 grams
  • 1 pound = 16 ounces = 448 grams

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