What Are Terpenes, How Do They Improve Your Health

What makes a particular herbal strain or concentrate hit the spot? Is it the skunky smell, the citrusy flavor, or the spicy coffee undertone? With the escalating conversation around cannabis and its health perks, you may have heard of terpenes and be curious to know more. Apart from having a specific scent, the essential oils or terpenes of plants have a deeper purpose and different benefits for your health. 

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Battery Independence Day Sale 2021 FAQ


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Cannabis Concentrates Guide and How to Dab

OIL Day is a little more than a month away so there is no better time than now to get a stronger understanding of concentrates and how they can be used with the DynaCoil. 

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2021 VonG Update

An interview with George Breiwa, DynaVap Co-Founder

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As Seen on PBS: Thermal Extraction Devices

DynaVap is revolutionizing the cannabis industry with their battery and smoke-free Thermal Extraction Devices (TEDs). The devices are used to heat herbs above the temperature of which the desirable compounds are activated, but not high enough to activate combustion.

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Thermal Extraction vs. Other Smoking Methods

Gone are the days of smoking herb in a pipe with a match. There are so many methods of consumption these days that it can be hard to decide which is the best for you. Some people swear rolling joints is the best way to go while others prefer vape pens with oil cartridges. Others, still, will say that Thermal Extraction Devices (also known as dry herb vaporizers) are their preferred tool. How can you possibly decide when you’re getting so much information from multiple sources?

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The 2021 Lineup Sale FAQ

When can I pre-order The "M" - 2021 Edition, The Omni, The VonG, or a new Starter Pack?

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The 2021 DynaVap Lineup Press Release

DynaVap LLC
7208 Gene St. DeForest, WI 53532, USA

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Other Herbs to Vape Besides Cannabis

How many of you have tried vaping anything other than cannabis out of a vaporizer? Have you tried coffee, hops, or even GARLIC?!?!?

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What is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa??

Think about the last time you were at a dispensary and how all the flower and concentrates were organized. Now think about how they were categorized. More than likely, they were separated by Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Due to this, you probably believe that each strain has its own specific effects. You may have even heard the little phrase, “Indica put you In Da Couch.” In reality, it is just a bunch of bs. Let me explain if there even is an actual difference between Indica and Sativa. 

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