How the World's Most Portable Vaporizer was Created

DynaVap was born out of one primary goal: create a simple, battery free aromatherapy device.
In late 2015, DynaVap began selling what is now known as the original VapCap, a cigarette sized battery free aromatherapy device with a glass tube, condenser and temperature indicating cap.

Since its creation, DynaVap has offered more than a dozen varieties of VapCaps using different materials, most notably the TiWoody, which is available in several different wood varieties and styles.
What is a VapCap?
Unlike most aromatherapy devices, the VapCap is compact and lightweight and most notably battery free. Our VapCap aromatherapy devices are also affordable. The Original VapCap is only $35.
How much does the VapCap weigh?
Not much! The Original VapCap only weighs .3 oz or about 7.5 grams. Even the OmniVap is less than a half an oz.
What is a PyroVap?
The PyroVap is currently the only VapCap specifically designed to use Eliquid/Ejuice. Like all VapCaps, the PyroVap is battery free.

The 3 main parts of a VapCap are: Tip, Midsection and Mouthpiece. For some of our products such as the Ti Woody, the mouthpiece is optional.
What is the difference between a body and a stem?
Bodies and stems are components of the VapCap. They require additional components to create a functional unit. For the TiWoodies and TiVongs, the midsection of the VapCap is available in two sizes: body or stem.

A body is 45mm and requires a mouthpiece. A stem is 62mm and does not require a mouthpiece. A wood mouthpiece will add 17mm to the length of your Ti VapCap.

Ti + body + mp = S
Examples: TiVong S, TiWoody S

Ti + stem + mp = XLS
Examples: Ti Vong XLS, Ti Woody XLS

Are you ready to join the future of aromatizers?

If so, you’re in good hands. Dynavap proudly designs, engineers, and manufactures all of it’s products in house; and sources the highest quality materials available. We do this to deliver simply the best battery free vaporizing options available in the market. When you invest with Dynavap, you can be assured that you’re investing with a team of dedicated engineers, technologist, and above all – enthusiasts.
What is a TiWoody?
The TiWoody VapCap features a titanium tip with a straight wood midsection and no mouthpiece. The TiWoody S is a 45mm body with a mouthpiece and in the same length as a TiWoody.
What is a TiVong?
As a cousin of the TiWoody, the TiVong features a tapered wood midsection and no mouthpiece. The TiVong S is a 45 mm body with a mouthpiece and comes in 2 sizes to fit tapered glass fittings.
The TiVongs are designed with a taper to mate with water tools. Available in both 14 and 18mm sizes.
What is an OmniVap?
The OmniVap is primarily constructed from Grade 2 titanium. It’s key feature is its variable flow air/vapor ratio, which is easily adjusted by rotating the mouthpiece. This provides a near infinite range of adjustments for the flavor profile of your vapor. This provides a near infinite range of adjustments for the flavor profile of your vapor.
What does the S in a product description mean?
“S” refers to the spinning wood mouthpiece on a body.
What does the XL mean?
XL means 17mm longer. (The same additional length as the spinning wood mouthpieces)
What does the XLS mean?
The XLS refers to the addition of an XL condenser and Spinning wood mouthpiece to a stem. XLS makes the VapCap 17mm longer.
I’m a aromatherapy device distributor. Can I sell the VapCap?
Yes. To make a wholesale inquiry, please go here: http://www.dynavap.com/wholesaleinquiry/


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