Using DynaVap’s dry herb vaporizers allows you to get 75% more use out of your material without sacrificing high level results. Our devices utilize a convection/conduction process that brings the cannabis to the perfect vaporization temperature, never burning your precious herb. Baking the flower allows a steady release of cannabinoids without burning them all out— a common occurrence when smoking with a pipe or other forms of combustion devices. Unlike other vaporizers on the market, our devices are designed with precise temperature control, utilizing a “click” in the Cap to signal to the user that their material is heated and ready to use. No more guessing games, just Respect the Click. Our dry herb devices can also become compatible with many full melt concentrates upon inserting the DynaCoil.

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Other Benefits

Flavor Explosion

Take your terpenes to a new high. Enjoy flavor like you've never tasted before in your herb of choice.

Eliminate Combustion

Go smoke free. Once you try a DynaVap device, you enter a world of possibility.

Discreet & Portable

Get out and enjoy your herb anywhere with DynaVap. Our devices fit right in your pocket and can be enjoyed while doing most any activity.

Battery Free

There is no battery on our devices. All you need is a heat source, such as a torch or lighter, and you are all set.