"M" Series

"M" Series

Begin your journey with our signature DynaVap vaporizer - The "M"

See our all new Dynavap M 7 Vaporizer


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M7 Vaporizer M7 Vaporizer no top
The M 7
Sale price$75.00 USD
The M 7 XL The M 7 XL
The M 7 XL
Sale price$100.00 USD
The M 7 Starter Pack The M 7 Starter Pack
The M 7 Starter Pack
Sale price$125.00 USD
The M Condenser Assembly with Mouthpiece The M Condenser Assembly with Mouthpiece
Stainless Steel Tip: M 7 Stainless Steel Tip: M 7
Stainless Steel Tip: M 7
Sale price$30.00 USD
Stem: M 7 Stem: M 7
Stem: M 7
Sale price$33.00 USD


Begin your journey with our signature DynaVap dry herb vaporizer - The M

The M delivers flavorful vapor in seconds with a smoke -free, battery-
free device. That's right, never have to deal with battery life again.
You'll also get 75% more from your material.

The "M" is easy to use and is built from medical grade stainless steel.
Choose your preferred dosage by setting your Stainless Steel CCD in the correct notch. Once you're ready, you can utilize the chiral airports for adjusted airflow. The M is suitable for recreational purposes and medical cannabis as you can be precise with your dosage.

The M is compatible with plant material. You'll need the DynaCoil adaptor to use the M as a concentrate vaporizer.

We consider all of our Thermal Extraction Devices to be high end products, and we've utilized a wide variety of different materials so our customers can experience the awesomeness of the VapCap. The unique character of each product we sell carries with it the values of our organization, and our desire to share this fantastic dry herb vaporizer with the world.

A portable dry herb vaporizer is a small device designed to vaporize weed. Most are pocket-sized so you can take them anywhere you go, unlike a desktop vaporizer which is larger in size. These devices typically have precise temperature control. The technology inside the Caps of DynaVap dry herb vapes allow you to heat your device to the right temperature consistently without having to monitor the temperature setting. Simply wait for the click and you are good to go.

A heating element and your pen are the essentials. You can also shop
the welcome kit which includes a vape pen, torch lighter and stash.

To clean your DynaVap vaporizer, you'll need to take apart your device. The tip, stem, and condenser pieces should be soaked in isopropyl alcohol either for a couple of hours or overnight. Let the pieces dry thoroughly and then reassemble.

Remember to perform regular cleaning and maintenance on your dry herb vape. This will help you avoid buildup from herb residue inside your device. Buildup can alter your vaping experience because it changes the flavor of the vapor and interferes with the heating elements.

It’s like smoking without the smoke. Instead of burning your herbs into smoke, dry herb vaporizers use hot air, with either conduction or convection heating. Cannabis flower is loaded into the heating chamber, unlocking flavors from your herb.