2014 & Beyond


George has an idea

Why do vaporizers have to be so big and expensive and why do they need to be battery-operated? How do we get rid of the smoke?


A Stainless Steel, a Wood, and a Titanium Line

By 2019, DynaVap had the three primary vaporizer lines created - The "M" (stainless steel), VonG (wood), and Omni (titanium). The lines were upgraded on an annual basis.

George Breiwa Bio

Meet DynaVap's Founder

George was born in rural Wisconsin and was an early graduate from Lego University at the age of 6.  In 7th grade, lasers came into focus and, with the help of a few teachers, convinced the school to purchase its first laser. The drive to invent and solve problems has been a lifelong passion.

Now, George is a serial entrepreneur and inventor, with multiple patents across 14 countries, and the founder of DynaVap, LLC - a company with the mission to "Make Smoking History".

Under George's leadership, DynaVap has become one of the fastest growing companies in the USA, making the Inc. 5000 list 2 years running. George is also a speaker on topics related to cannabis and enjoys sharing products and ideas with others.

Video Series

History of The "M"

Watch a 7-part series on the creation of DynaVap's most popular dry herb vaporizer - The "M".