BB3 glass vaporizer in grey stem only
The BB3: Stem

The BB3: Stem

Sale price$27.00 USD

The BB3 is DynaVap’s ode to our original glass material vaporizer. The BB3 Stem boasts 3 blue beads and divots inside the midsection for cooler vapor and easy drawing. A well-made vaporizer that gives a cool experience to any user.

  • Cooler vapor created by more surface area from the blue beads and divots in the glass
  • Airflow control with an easy-to-find airport
  • 10mm female fitting compatibility
  • No condenser needed

**This is just the Midsection - you need a Tip & Cap for a full device, or shop complete BB3 devices here.

Warranty: The BB3 warranty extends only to damage during shipping. If your BB3 arrives broken or damaged, you must reach out to us within 48 hours of receiving the items to receive a replacement. After 48 hours of receipt, no replacements will be offered