Galaxy Glass: Silver Body
Galaxy Glass: Silver Body

Galaxy Glass: Silver Body

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This Galaxy Glass is a Body-length midsection from artisan black onyx American-made glass and is heavily nano fumed in pure silver. At 45mm, it features an airport for airflow modulation and connects perfectly with either Titanium Tip or Stainless Steel Tip to make a complete device. It fits with a Standard Condenser when paired with a Spinning Mouthpiece. Body midsections will fit in any standard DynaStash or SlimStash.

*O-Rings should be lubricated before inserting them into this glass midsection.

Note: All glass pieces are unique and designs will vary. If you have a specific request, please leave it in the notes and we will accommodate as best as we can.

Warranty: The Galaxy Glass warranty extends only to damage during shipping. If your Glass arrives broken or damaged, you must reach out to us within 48 hours of receiving the item to receive a replacement. After 48 hours of receipt, no replacements will be offered.