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Ed's Essential Dab Tool

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Need the tools to get started with a dab rig? We've got just the thing to bring you an enhanced dabbing experience. Ed’s Essential Dab Tool, in collaboration with DynaVap is an exceptional extract tool, made in the USA. Co-created by exceptional vape brands, this dabber tool is a high-quality tool for handling sticky concentrates. The shank is made of non-stick, non-corrosive grade 2 titanium with a sharp edge, precision spade end to deal with different consistencies of concentrates. Ed manufactures the handles in-house from sustainably sourced exotic hardwoods; Chechen or Katalox. Each dabbing tool is unique, handcrafted and is 5 ½” long; 4” handle with 1 ½” shank.

What is a dabber used for?

If you're new to the dabbing scene, a dab tool is essentially used to make a dab rig a little easier to use. Concentrates are sometimes harder to manipulate than dry herb, hence why you need the right tool. Use this tool to protect your bar hand from high temperatures on a heating element and apply your THC concentrate to a dab nail. In recent years, electronic nails have gained popularity because you have control over the nail's temperature. This tool can be used with your wax pen, dab pen or weed vape pen as well. There are many dab accessories that can improve your dab session experience.

Made by Ed's TNT.

*Does NOT fit in any DynaVap DynaStash variants