Bonger - Water Pipe Adaptor
Bonger - Water Pipe Adaptor
Bonger - Water Pipe Adaptor
Bonger - Water Pipe Adaptor

Bonger - Water Pipe Adaptor

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DynaVap's silicone accessory to use with any DynaVap tip and cap combination - the Bonger Water Pipe Adapter (WPA). The Bonger connects your dry herb vaporizer to a water piece with a 10 mm and a 14 mm taper to enhance your water piece use.

A shorter length stem allows the included condenser to reach the CCD (Screen), providing a constricted airflow. As the first DynaVap design without an airport, the bong adapter will compliment your water piece use for a sky high experience.

  • 10mm & 14mm taper
  • 45mm length body
  • B tip fitment geometry
  • Stainless steel condenser included
  • Airport-less design

*Will not fit in DynaStash or SlimStash products*

**Comes with a Stainless Steel Condenser**

Available in Black and Black & Green (pattern varies).


A water pipe adapter is a piece of glass, silicone, or metalware that allows you to connect your bong to another piece of glassware, such as a vaporizer, ash catcher, or dab rig.

To use a water pipe adapter with your bong, simply insert the male end of the adapter into your bong's joint and insert the other end of the adapter into the joint of the glassware you wish to connect to your bong.

Bongs typically come in either 14mm or 18mm joint sizes, so you'll need to choose an adapter that matches the size of your bong.

  • Fill the bong with water: Add enough water to the bong's water chamber to cover the downstem or percolator.
  • Pack your vaporizer: Pack your vaporizer with your desired dry herb or concentrate.
  • Attach the water pipe adapter to the vaporizer: Insert the male end of the water pipe adapter into the vaporizer's mouthpiece or designated attachment point.
  • Insert the water pipe adapter into the bong: Insert the female adapter into the bong's joint.
  • Heat up your portable vaporizer
  • Inhale: Place your mouth on the bong's mouthpiece and inhale as you would with a regular bong. The vapor from the vaporizer will be pulled through the water and into your lungs.
  • Clean up: When you're finished, remove the water pipe adapter from the vaporizer and the bong, and clean both.

It's important to note that different water pipe adapters and vaporizers may have slightly different steps, so make sure to read the manufacturer's instructions before using your specific devices. Additionally, be sure to handle glassware with care to avoid any accidental breakage.