How to Clean a Bong

How to Clean a Bong

While all you really need to clean your bong is some boiling water, there are a variety of cleaning solutions that might make your efforts easier. Here are a few key items to keep on hand whenever you want to clean your bong to make your next smoking session more enjoyable.

The cannabis industry is changing as more states move to decriminalize and legalize marijuana. More Americans are being introduced to the world of smoking and the space will only continue to grow. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just joining in, there are tons of tips and tricks to know.

One thing you need to know to enjoy smoking is that regular maintenance is the key to keeping your weed flavorful. Everything you smoke goes into your body so a quick rinse doesn't always do the trick. Cleaning your bong is a must but luckily our team can guide you through all you need to know.

When Should I Clean My Bong?

There are few things worse than settling in for a session with your favorite strain when you notice dirty bong water in your piece. As you use your bong, gunk and mold will begin to accumulate. When left alone, this nasty build-up can begin to impact the taste and experience that your smoking instrument provides. A clean bong will enhance your smoking experience and protect your health. As a general rule of thumb, it's time to clean if there is a ring line from bong water or when you pour water into it there are floaters. Experts recommend that you clean your piece at least once a week.

Whether you are a novice smoker or a canna-enthusiast, when is the right time to clean your piece? Should you scrub out your bong every single day? After every use? Let's explore this question in further detail.

Heavy Smokers - Every Other Day

If you are a daily consumer of cannabis, then consider cleaning out your bong every day or every other day. Changing out your dirty bong water regularly will help to improve the taste of your experience while minimizing the appearance of any bacteria or harmful microorganisms.

Plainly speaking, it is impossible to tell what exactly may be growing in dirty water. Regularly change your water and clean your glassware to avoid any uncomfortable answers to this bacterial question.

Casual Smokers - After Every Use

If you don't have a regularly planned smoking session, then you might end up leaving your bong alone for days or even weeks at a time. With glassware, it is better to be more attentive than not. Casual smokers should get into the habit of cleaning their bong after every single use, ensuring that bacterial and microbial infections stay at bay. Be sure to use hot water to clean your bong and make sure that it has been properly dried before being set in storage.

Reasons To Clean Your Bong

While glassware will vary from one individual to the next, ultimately there are signs that must be monitored to ensure that cleaning standards are met. We have already discussed dirty bong water, but what does that actually turn into when left unattended?

Here are a few key reasons to make sure that your bong is cleaned regularly.

  • Prevent Biofilm - Have you ever noticed a slight film appearing atop the water of your bong? This material is known as biofilm and the odds are good that it is playing host to dangerous microscopic creatures. From yeast and bacteria to microorganisms we can't pronounce, biofilm is a surefire way to make your smoking experience unhealthy.
  • Avoid Resin Production - Every time you use your bong without cleaning it, this resin hardens onto your glass. This resin can lead to a darker, less healthy, and altogether unpleasant smoking experience. Pneumonia, strep throat, and even cholera are all realistic threats from a dirty bong.
  • Protect Your Lungs - Inhaling smoke is never going to be a healthy habit, but you can be sure to make it less unhealthy by keeping your smoking accessories clean. If you don't smoke responsibly, you could end up with a serious lung infection.
  • Better Smoking Experience - Ultimately, the cleaner your bong is, the better your cannabis will taste. To get the full experience offered by the cannabis that you consume, whether medically or recreationally, a clean piece of glass will be the best avenue for success.

How to Clean a Bong

The cleaning process is important to maintain on a regular basis. We should learn how to do it both safely and effectively. To clean your favorite bong, you will need the following items:

  • 70-90% Alcohol Rub
  • Rock Salt / Table Salt / Sea Salt / Coarse Salt (Whatever is available)
  • Boiling Water
  • Bottle Brush Kit

Now that we have all of our tools gathered, let's begin cleaning our dirty bongs.

  • Empty the Bong - First and foremost, we will start cleaning our bong by first emptying all the removable, small pieces. After you've discarded your dirty bong water, use warm water to flush the interior of the glass out. Rinse thoroughly before emptying the water.
  • Add Cleaning Ingredients - With a fully flushed and rinsed bong now in your hands, add your salt as well as some 70% to 90% isopropyl alcohol. Once this has been done, hold your bong while covering the stem hole and the top. Give the piece of glass a good shake, ensuring maximum coverage from the salt and iso alcohol.
  • Rinse and Dry - After your glass has been fully immersed in cleaning materials, rinse and dry the bong to your satisfaction. Store your fully dried bong somewhere safe to wait for your next session!

If you also want to clean your water pipe, bong bowl, or down stem, consider soaking the glass pieces in boiling hot water. This will allow the gunk and mold build-up on the dirty piece of your glass bong to strip away, allowing for you to more easily clean with rubbing alcohol, salt and fresh water.

Best Bong Cleaning Products

While all you really need to clean your bong is some boiling water, there are a variety of cleaning solutions that might make your efforts easier. Here are a few key items to keep on hand whenever you want to clean your bong to make your next smoking session more enjoyable.

  • Solimo Isopropyl Alcohol - If you want to make sure your bong is clean, opt for 99% Isopropyl Alcohol by Solimo or another similar brand.
  • Organic Cotton Swabs - Reach those hard-to-clean spaces with organic Q-tips following every cleaning. You'll be able to get to areas of your bong that hot water would never effectively reach.
  • Bottle Brush Kit - Hard wiry brushes are excellent for snaking their way through uniquely shaped bongs. Keep these straw brushes on hand and you'll never have a problem with resin production again.

Remember to never leave water in your bong for more than 8 hours and never submerge any electronic parts in water. It's best to dump your water out after each use. Best practice is to clean after each use to prevent bacteria buildup and mold. Whether you're using a bong, dab rig, or pipe, it's crucial to clean your equipment. Even when you are not doing a deep cleaning, a good rule of thumb is to dump the water after every session.