DynaVap M Vs Omni

DynaVap M Vs Omni

When it comes to comparing the DynaVap M Series to the Omni, you have to respect the legacy each vaporizer carries and the goal which the DynaVap team had in creating each vaporizer, as they are individually designed to provide an ideal vaping solution to vaporizers users with different priorities in their vaporizer purchase.

Why was each vaporizer created?

All DynaVap vaporizers have a shared design philosophy, which is that all DynaVap's (if looked after correctly) should last a lifetime, and work as good as the day you got it 4, 5, if not 10 years from now. You can own it worry free with no worries about batteries dying. As long as you have gas in your torch lighter, your DynaVap vaporizer will still work.

This 'last a lifetime' philosophy is also apparent with the ready availability of replacement parts for all devices. However, the DynaVap M was created with a very different purpose to the Omni. Let's explore what they are.

The DynaVap M Series

The goal of the DynaVap M Series vaporizers was to provide the best value vaping experience at its price point. The DynaVap M was created to be an excellent beginner vape, but also a vape that would surprise any experienced vape user that hasn't used a battery-less vape before, with the top tier quality vapor you can draw, its small size, and all at an affordable price.

The DynaVap Omni

The Omni was designed with no limitations. It's goal is to provide the most premium vaping experience you can get from a DynaVap. Using the refined design experience from the DynaVap team, the Omni produces one of their best vapes ever. 


Why You May Prefer The Omni

Being machined out of titanium, the Omni is a super light portable vaporizer. With it's extra long stem, mouthpiece and spiral condenser, this ensures the vapor gets as cool as possible by the time it hits your mouth. Furthermore, you can rotate the mouthpiece to tailor the airflow to your preferences, allowing you to easily dial in your perfect hit.

However, since 2021 when the latest Omni was first released, DynaVap's engineering has improved making DynaVap's other newer premium vape options, equally compelling in their own right, such as the Vong(i) and the WoodWynd. Which pack many of the same features as the Omni with visual designs some may prefer.

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Why You May Prefer An M-Series Vaporizer

At its core, the DynaVap M-series was made to be a fantastic vaporizer for those new and those experienced in vaping, and a fantastic entry point into the DynaVerse. It's a Vaporizer that will last forever if you take care of it and reliably produce a fantastic vaporizer experience. It may not be as adjustable as the Omni, Vong or WoodWynd, but its still a great Vaporizer at a great price point.

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