Why We Think We Made the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for Beginners

Why We Think We Made the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for Beginners

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Buying a vape as a beginner can be a daunting task. How can you be confident you're getting a good product? How can you be confident that you'll keep using and appreciating it enough that you'll stop other consumption methods? Let me Tell you why you should prioritize a DynaVap for your first vaporizer so that you can have a good first vaping experience, so you keep vaping, and you get to realize the long term benefits of vaping over other consumption methods.

Why You Should Go Battery Free For Your First Vaporizer

Fame Powered DynaVap

Cheap electronic vaporizers are a trap to those new to vaporization. They are renowned for producing poor quality vapor and not yielding good extraction from dry herb, often giving those who haven't vaped before a bad first experience that doesn't keep them Vaping. The cost savings required to make a cheap electronic vaporizer just leads to the creation of a poor quality product. 

When we compare DynaVap's offerings at these cheaper price points, such as DynaVap's most affordable Vaporizer the DynaVap B Starter Pack or our best-selling vaporizer the DynaVap M starter pack, the vapor production is far superior. Using the devices is simple and the durability of the DynaVap products is undeniable, making Your First DynaVap potentially your last Vaporizer purchase (for the right reasons). You will have what you need... A Great vaporizer which can last a lifetime.

DynaVaps great portable beginner vaporizer

Why A DynaVap Is The Best Beginner Vaporizer

DynaVaps are a fantastic first vaporizer because they are built to last, they are extremely portable and extremely easy to use, all while offering fantastic vapor consistently which is unmatched at this price point by any electric or flame powered vape like a DynaVap. Let's dive into each of these individual benefits of the DynaVap.

Ease of Use

Key Parts Of the DynaVap

Using a DynaVap correctly couldn't be any easier:

  1. Remove your cap and load the chamber with your dry herb material of choice, replace the cap. (You can also use concentrates with a Dynacoil)
  2. Heat the side of the cap using a torch lighter, rotating your dynavap to evenly heat the cap
  3. When the vaporizer has hit the correct vaping temperature, a clear audible 'click' will come from the cap. Stop heating immediately.
  4. Draw the smooth delicious vapor from the mouthpiece. You can modify the airflow by covering the airport on the stem and rolling the device in your fingers to varying amounts to get the perfect airflow for your desired experience.

Vaping Experience

DynaVaps are well regarded in the vaping community for providing a high-quality and consistent vaporization experience at a price point that is uncontested. DynaVap also offers premium options and upgradable parts to enable you to refine and tailor your DynaVap to your personal preferences. We are confident that anyone new to vaping will be satisfied with their DynaVap vaping experience and be pleased they didn't go electric for their first Vape.

Portability and Discreetness

DynaVap Discreet Beginner Vaporizer

DynaVap vaporizers are some of the smallest, yet most reliable, vaporizers on the market. With no reliance on a battery, you can bring your DynaVap anywhere you go and get an exceptional vaping experience.

You may be at the top of the Mountain, in the heart of the forest, outside waiting for a taxi or simply at home relaxing. As long as you've got a torch lighter and your DynaVap vape, you're ready to have a top-class vaping experience, quick and discreetly.


The great thing about vaporizing dry herb is that you use significantly less material for the same results. DynaVap vaporizers make this even easier with its 'adjust-a-bowl', and other accessories to customize your dosing and vaporization temperature, making the DynaVap great for micro-dosing or normal dosing dry herb and concentrates (using the Dynacoil).

You'll find it hard to find a vaporizer that vaporizes as good as the DynaVap at its price point, but also really notice the savings you are making on vaping materials compared to smoking.

Customization, Maintenance  & Versatility

Modular DynaVap

The great thing about the "DynaVerse" is that most parts are cross compatible, so you can customize your DynaVap to not only look the way you want it to, but also how you want it to function. 

DynaVap makes it incredibly easy to buy these parts under accessories from their website and through their partner stores, as they want your DynaVap to last a lifetime.

Education & Community

Even though DynaVaps are a simple and easy-to-use device, we have a wealth of written and video content online to help you understand how to get the most out of your DynaVap and have the best vaporizing experience possible.

DynaVap has a thriving community online across all the social media channels. Just search for 'DynaVap' and you'll find our fantastic friendly community, where you can see the various way people customize and use their DynaVap and learn new tricks & tips from DynaVap veterans.

Starter Packs To Make Vaping Easy

DynaVap M7 Starter Pack for Beginner Vape Users

Being Confident that you get what you need from the start can be confusing. That is why we here at DynaVap created our starter packs, You can be confident you'll have everything you will need (international/EU customers will need to buy butane gas separately). You can never go wrong with our best seller the DynaVap M Starter Pack

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