This is the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for Heavy Use

This is the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for Heavy Use

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When people vape a lot, they need a vaporizer they can rely on. A heavy user requires a vaporizer that focuses a lot more on the amount of session they can get out of it, along with the speed of vaping, ease of cleaning, and portability of the vape.

If you are planning to use your vaporizer anywhere from 4,10, to 15 times or more a day, you can't have it failing on you, take too long to use, or be cumbersome and complicated to use.

If you are looking for a vaporizer that's the best for heavy use, we have the right Vaporizer for you: The Vong (i) Titanium. Not only that, but there are many accessories which, depending on your plans, may be a way to level-up your vaping experience even more!

Let's see why the The Vong (i) Titanium is a fantastic Vaporizer for heavy use and take a look at some great accessories you may want to consider.

The Vong (i) Titanium For Heavy Use

Vong I Titanium Heavy Use outdodrs
Why, out of all the vaporizers, does DynaVap's Vong (i) Titanium offer the best vaporizer for heavy use? Here are 6 Key Points as to why:

1 - It is Flame Powered

Flame powered vaporizers are the ultimate solution to the 'battery problem'. If you have used an electronic dry herb vaporizer before, you'll know that it's rare the battery lasts more than four chamber loads, plus the batteries are non-replaceable. Due to this, the batteries degrade after a few years and only hold about 50% of the charge they originally did.

With a DynaVap, all you need is a butane lighter - something you can easily refill and find in gas stations. Depending on your butane lighter, one refill of your lighter can last 20-30 sessions. Therefore, you can easily fill your lighter and be confident you're going to be able to vape a whole weekend away from home, all without the need to wait for batteries to charge.

You Can Also Use Induction Heaters

Ispire Wand being used with a DynaVap

The great thing about DynaVap's Vaporizers is that they can be powered by a range of heat sources. One of the most popular heat sources for heavy users is an induction heater such as the Ispire wand. Many DynaVap users prefer to use these in their home, as they can then always have a reliable heat source for their DynaVap.

2 - Gives Big, Fast Hits

Loading and heating up a DynaVap vape is fast and easy. You can go from having it packed away in your pocket to vapor in your mouth in under a minute, and that's not a small first hit, that's a BIG first hit. You can fully extract a full chamber of the DynaVap in 3 or 4 heating cycles, and under 5 minutes. This statistic is something amazing for heavy users given how small the devices are and its price point.

You can also use it with concentrates

To use a DynaVap with concentrates, all you need is a Dynacoil. Simply place this in your DynaVap Tip chamber, then place your concentrates inside the center of the Dynacoil, and vape it like you would dry herb.

3 - Very Small & Portable

As you can see, the Vong (i) Ti is about the same size as a small lighter, making it something which truly is portable. For a compact, heavy use vaporizer, you can get far more sessions out of it than electronic vaporizers 10 times bigger than it. You can discreetly carry this in a suit or dress pocket at work or a wedding, or even in that tiny pocket in your jeans that you're not quite sure what it's for...(it was for the Vong (i) Titanium the whole time)!

4 - It's Durable & Easy to Maintain

The VonG (i): Titanium TED DynaVap LLC

When you're a heavy user, you need a vaporizer that's built to last a lifetime, especially if you're going to put that vaporizer through usage that some people might consider a lifetime... in a few years. 

It's clear why a vaporizer machined out of pure titanium is durable. Not only that, but there's no battery to worry about. As long as you have a simple working heat source, such as a butane lighter or an induction heater, you've got a great working vaporizer with DynaVap.

Easy to Clean

If you're a heavy vape user, there's no avoiding it, you're going to have to clean your vaporizer regularly. Having a vape that's easy to clean is going to make your life a lot easier. With the DynaVap Vong (i) Ti, all you need to do is pull your device apart into its 6 pieces and soak it in isopropyl alcohol overnight (everything but the Cap), or simply pop it into your dishwasher.

DynaVap's engineers even used O-rings which can be soaked in isopropyl, so you don't even need to remove them, unlike most other vaporizers, making clean up a breeze.

5 - It Has a Built In 10-14mm Adapter

If you vape a lot, you'll probably want to ensure you get the smoothest and coolest vapor possible. That's why the mouthpiece of the VonG (i) doubles as a 10-14 millimeter adapter, perfect for attaching to water pipes and bubblers like the Chill pipe. There's no need for additional accessories to make this work, as required with nearly every other vaporizer on the market.

6 - Controllable Airflow

The DynaVap Vong (i) Ti has an adjustable Airport built-in to the stem. You can simply rotate the body of the stem to control the airflow through the airport, helping you customize your vaping experience for different materials to your preference.

The Best Way to Start With a DynaVap as a Heavy User

The VonG (i) Starter Pack Kit DynaVap LLC

We would recommend getting a Vong (i) Titanium Starter Pack. This Kit includes:

  • DynaVap Vong (i) Titanium
  • Cyclone Triple Butane Torch Lighter (Empty)
  • DynaStash (a carrying case)
  • Replacement Parts
    • High Temp O-Rings (5)
    • Condenser O-Rings (2 small, 1 large)
    • Titanium CCD (1)
  • DynaWax (for maintenance)

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Top Accessories for Heavy Users with the Vong (i) Titanium


Vonblute VapeStation: Walnut DynaVap LLC
A perfect, on-the-go set to carry everything you need to keep your DynaVap Vaporizer safe while using away from home, or to hold it in your home. Hand made in Germany.

The Ispire Wand

DynaVap Wnad
The best induction heater on the market for the DynaVap. Buy it from DynaVap directly to get a free included adapter for DynaVap vaporizers.

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