DynaVap M7 Vs M7 XL

DynaVap M 7 vs M 7 XL

With the latest addition to the M Series from DynaVap, you may be wondering what the difference between the DynaVap M 7 and the DynaVap M 7 XL is. What do you get from the XL upgrade? Should you treat yourself to it? Let's compare the DynaVap M 7 vs the M 7 XL and see which version is right for you.

In the simplest terms, the M 7 XL is a DynaVap M 7 with an additional M Stainless Steel Condenser Assembly with Mouthpiece. This extended condenser and mouthpiece replaces the standard M 7 condenser and adds an improved mouthpiece.

M7 vs m7xl Compared side by side

Innovation in the DynaVap M 7 & M 7 XL Vaporizers

The DynaVap M 7 boasts a redesigned bowl, with greater mass than the previous generation, and optimized usage of that mass for heat retention and even heating, which minimizes hotspots and scorching. This enables consistent, high-quality extraction that leads to bigger rips.

The M 7 design also enables a much-improved airflow from the included Captive Cap and an improved ‘pivot style’ rocker air port.

With the ‘adjust-a-bowl’ feature, you can change your bowl to be perfect for dosing or microdosing your preferred amount.

m7 xl parts broken apart

How Does Vaping the M 7 XL Compare to the M 7

With the extended condenser and mouthpiece, the M 7 XL is easier to handle and use due to its longer length. The extended vapor path, from the increased length, also produces cooler vapor. The dedicated mouthpiece stays cooler due to its distance from the chamber and has an improved fit in the mouth.

The mouthpiece also allows for adjustable airflow from an additional six, unique airflow settings adjusted by condenser depth within the mouthpiece. This feature enables you to tailor your M 7 XL to be your personal DynaVap vaporizer, providing you with your preferred vaping experience.

These benefits all combine to offer an enhanced vaping experience for the DynaVap user looking for one of the best vaping and DynaVap experiences on the market at a great price!


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