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Maker's Kit: Dark Wood

RS6790 March2022 Lifestyles 19

Maker's Kit: Dark Wood


Product Description

The Maker’s Kit: Dark Wood is perfect for someone with an idea for a unique stem design and the desire for a one-of-a-kind DynaVap device. This Kit includes all the tools you need to shape and form your own Dark Wood VonG stem, plus the parts to make a fully functioning device.

Kit contains Stem blank with precision bore and air port. Also included are a Standard Cap, Titanium Tip, and standard condenser with O-Rings to make your canvas a fully functioning DynaVap vaporizer and DynaWax to keep it pristine. We've also included a set of 12 precision needle files and a sanding sponge to kick start your creative journey!

*Warranty: If your wood arrives damaged please reach out to us, with a photo included, within 48 hours of receiving it for any claim. Once the wood block has been used in any fashion, the item is no longer valid for refunds or claims.

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