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RS4967 Divine Spark cover 2000x2000 v2
RS4967 Divine Spark cover 2000x2000 v2

Natty Nation: Divine Spark - CD


Product Description

Brand new album, mixed by Errol Brown (Bob Marley's engineer), and on a shiny disc with dope artwork, including all of the lyrics. Metaphysical Hard Roots Rock Reggae band based out of Madison, WI.

JAH Boogie: The Divine Spark is the higher self within everyone, and is the inspiration behind the title of the song and album. I've learned that through raising your vibration and opening your chakras you are able to tap into your divine spark.

I first learned about The Divine Spark from the book "Autobiography of A Yogi" by the teacher Yogananda. AK, Louka & I also learned yoga meditation from the guru, and after seeing the benefits in my life I was inspired to write the first single, "Meditation."

The study of astrology, astronomy, holistic health, metaphysics, esoterica and spirituality also helped to inspire the themes throughout the album.

A lot of the lyrics are very personal to me, and I've opened up more than on any other songs I've released in the past, covering human rights, the stresses that can arise with long term relationships, and the importance of speaking out against bullying.
Song List
1. Balance
2. Meditation
3. Intimidation
4. Suffice
5. Purpose
6. Prophecy
7. I'm Willing
8. Civil Rights (feat. F.Stokes)
9. Negus Negast
10, Divine Spark
11. 5th Dimension Dub
12. She Cries Dub


released March 11, 2016

Tracks 1-10 mixed by Errol Brown
Tracks 11-12 mixed by Natty Nation