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Last Week on DynaVap Live, May 21st, 2020

DynaVap Live broadcasts every other Thursday on our YouTube channel. We discuss various topics, feature guests from the Dynaverse, introduce new products, provide demonstrations and answer questions from the live chat. To be notified of our next episode, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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The Snap: Getting to Know your Cap

The Snap is a short video segment host by Retail Josh designed to answer frequently asked questions. Past episodes of The Snap are available here. If you have further customer service questions, you can reach us through our contact page.

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Watch Episode 2 of Exploring the DynaVerse

Thanks for watching! Which lighter do you prefer to use? Drop us a comment below!

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy 50th Earth Day DynaVerse! Today is a special day for us at DynaVap as a company. We have always valued sustainability and being friendly to the environment. Take our battery-free vaporizers, our durable products that rarely break, as good examples of our love for the Earth.

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Check out our New Video Series "Exploring the DynaVerse with George"

This new video series will come out on a monthly basis and will feature different science, tech, and everything in between subjects. Grab your exploration hat and enjoy a deep dive into what makes the DynaVerse go 'round!

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419 Sale FAQ


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2020 "M" Preorder FAQ

When can I pre-order The 2020 "M" or a Starter Pack?

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DynaVap Stories

We here at DynaVap love a good VapCappin' story. For a chance to win one of every "M" we've made here at the VapLab, including the brand new 2020 edition, tell us your favorite DynaVap story (imagination is encouraged). Any story is welcome, whether it be the first time you saw an "M" or how a VapCap has impacted your life. Tell us your story!

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Ms Lineup Blog

2020 preMiere

Hello, DynaVerse! Today we are excited to launch the premiere of The 2020 "M"! 

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2020M blog

How to Customize your VapCap Experience

You’ve had your trial by literal fire into the DynaVerse. Now, it is time for you to learn how to better customize your experience, simply by changing how you heat up your VapCap. If you have not yet been properly initiated, please refer to our triple torch video. Please do so to avoid the risk of combustion.

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