The Snap: Getting to Know your Cap

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Meet Your New Cap

When you buy a new VapCap, it’s important to take a moment to get to know your new Cap. While most DynaVap Caps click in the same temperature range, there may be slight differences from cap to cap.

These primary differences are:

  • The volume of the click
  • Number of clicks
  • Range of clicks

How To Test Your New Cap

Heat your cap on an empty device with your preferred torch and technique.  If you don’t have a heating technique yet, we suggest checking out this video.

While testing your new cap, what is it telling you? How long does it take to get a click?

How many clicks did you hear? If you go 2 seconds past the click, do you hear a second click?

If you heat 2 seconds past the click, STOP. The second click most likely already occurred.

Time To Load Up

Now that you’ve identified the clicks, load up your device, and heat with the same technique as your test. Is your material darker or lighter?

Lighter material: Your cap is heating at a lower temperature.

Darker material: Your cap is heating at a high temperature.

Adjust as Needed

Based on the results of your material, adjust your heating time or heating technique.

Following these steps and being aware of the unique qualities of your cap will improve your desired experience as most importantly, prevent combustion.

Always remember to respect the click.

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