Induction Heater weekend! Grab an "M" & Apollo 2 for $130 or an Omni & Rover for $239!

The 2021 Lineup Sale FAQ

When can I pre-order The "M" - 2021 Edition, The Omni, The VonG, or a new Starter Pack?

If you subscribe to the newsletter, and have an account on by March 17, 2021 at 12:00 (CT), you can preorder a new item on Sunday, March 21 at 4:00pm (CT).

Public preorders go live on Thursday, March 25th at 4:19pm (CT) and runs through Wednesday, March 31st at 11:59pm (CT).


How do I get a discount?

You will receive 20% off your purchase of any of the new 3 x VapCaps: The "M" - 2021 Edition, The Omni, or The VonG.

You will receive 10% off your purchase of any of the new 3 x VapCap Starter Packs variants: The "M" Starter Pack (Walnut or Cedar) - 2021 Edition, The "M" Starter Pack with DynaCoil (Walnut or Cedar) - 2021 Edition, The Omni Starter Pack, The Omni Starter Pack with DynaCoil, The VonG Starter Pack, and The VonG Starter Pack with DynaCoil.

We are also offering a 2021 Mega Pack, which includes The "M" - 2021 Edition, The Omni, and The VonG, plus a SlimStash for each item. Cap engraving must be all three the same or no engraving. Retail price of $468 - get yours for $333!

*Discount runs through March 31 at 11:59pm (CT)


When will I receive my new product?

Your order should arrive to you on April 1st, or soon thereafter that date.


Are there any other new products?

This year's launch includes The "M" - 2021 Edition, The Omni, The VonG, and a special offer 3-pack with one of each of the new products. The "M" - 2021 Edition, The Omni, and The VonG are all offered in a Starter Pack and a Starter Pack with a DynaCoil, as well.

Individual parts from the new products will be available in the future.

We are also selling a limited run of DynaJam SlimStashes, available in standard or XL Padauk.


What is the new packaging made of?

The "M" - 2021 Edition comes in 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard for safe transportation, just like The 2020 "M".

The Omni and The VonG come in a recyclable cardboard tube, with special graphics, and specially made wooden Cap and Mouthpiece ends. The Cap can serve as a stand for your new Omni and VonG.


What is the optional Custom Cap Engraving?

We are offering free customization for your new device's Captive Cap (The "M" - 2021 Edition, Omni, or VonG, plus Starter Packs). The customization can be up to 11 characters long, and include letters and numbers. The font is AR Destine, as shown below. For more information on custom details, please review Section 5 of our Terms of Service.


What is the 'Complimentary Storage' that gets added to my cart?

We will be sending a complimentary storage unit with all 2021 "M", Omni, and VonG preorders.


What kind of Cap will be on the new devices?

The "M" - 2021 Edition, The Omni, and The VonG will all come with the Captive Cap. We still offer the original Cap under 'Parts'.


What is DynaJam?

DynaJam is DynaVap's music and art series. We will be streaming live from The Sylvee, in Madison, Wisconsin, on Thursday, March 25th at 7:00pm (CT) to kick-off our preorder event. View live on our Twitch channel or YouTube channel. Featured artists are Landon Cube, Anthony Ortiz, and Natty Nation.


I would like to add an item to my pre-order that has already been placed.

Please submit a Contact Form inquiry for assistance.

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