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Easy, Last-Minute Weed Halloween Costume Ideas

While some recycle the same pair of cat ears year after year, others have higher ideas. Whether you're fully immersed in cannabis culture or dipping your toe in the water, these costumes are at least sure to get a laugh. If you need some last-minute inspo for Halloween this year, check out these creative weed-inspired costumes. Extra points if you bring your DynaVap along with you to the Halloween party ;).

Cannabis Chef or Baker

I think we all know the secret ingredient in this baker's brownies. This is an awesome costume because you can do as much or little as you'd like. Keep it simple with a chef hat or go all out and bake your own pot an accessory for the costume of course.

Marijuana Leaf

You're sure to turn some heads dressed as a pot leaf. DIY a pot leaf t-shirt or order a leaf-shaped ensemble. What better way to celebrate HalloWEED?!

Stoner Halloween Costume

No need for a costume kit Hit the thrift store for this one or hey, who knows? You may even have the perfect outfit or facial hair for this already. Halloween outfits don't have to be complicated and there's no shortage of stoner Halloween costume ideas.

Mary Jane


There are lots of different directions you can go with this one. Spiderman with a twist, an all-out black outfit with green accents, a weed print dress, or a full-on cannabis leaf like creation with a green cape and green mask.

Cannabis Queen

Ruler of your very own kush kingdom, you'll be looking high and mighty in this get-up. Bring your own royal flair to a costume contest with this weed themed Halloween costume.

Bag of Weed

Celebrate the marijuana movement with a funny costume like a weed bag. This one's perfect to gather up with some friends and enjoy a smoke and some candy.

Medical Marijuana

Grab a lab coat and get creative with this one. You can put your own spin on a nurse or doctor costume with weed accessories.

Best Buds

Consider this one an upgrade from your typical BFF or couple costume. Dress as two weed buds and pal around all night long in the ultimate weed costume.

Flower Pot

You can play this look up or down if you want a more subtle idea than a pot head type of piece. Use a less recognizable but equally smokeable flower for a little more discretion but humor the right crowd will get. Discrete but still a contender for best costume.

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