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We here at DynaVap love a good VapCappin' story. For a chance to win one of every "M" we've made here at the VapLab, including the brand new 2020 edition, tell us your favorite DynaVap story (imagination is encouraged). Any story is welcome, whether it be the first time you saw an "M" or how a VapCap has impacted your life. Tell us your story!

Winner will be announced on DynaVap Live this Thursday, March 12th at 4:19PM CT. This show will also kick off our pre-order sale of The 2020 "M". Any order with a 2020 "M" or 2020 "M" Starter Pack will receive 20% off the entire cart.

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Jim Mar 9, 2020, 4:07 PM (19 months ago)

The day I got my Dynavap I couldn't wait to use it... hit up my local shop for some CBD flower. Guy working really tried to up sell me on the premium stuff bc "that thing won't work well with the house brand." Based on everything I read about the VapCap, I took the chance and bought the house flower. So glad I did! Got great flavor, great vapor, and a really nice calm in my first use. Super easy to use and reliable to boot. Dynavap saves me money, too!

Willem Daniel Mar 9, 2020, 4:23 PM (19 months ago)

My first time laying eyes on a dynavap M 2016 was on a review on youtube. And I could not stop researching the product until i knew i found it. The Perfect Invention. The simple concept yet complex in a-lot of ways. O it got my attention and i knew this is the best device made in my life time aroma therapy in your pocket my hart raced as i made the online order for my nerves could not handle the wait. 5 horrible grueling long days went by as i waited for my dynavap M 2016. excitement Rushed over me as i hear the delivery at my door!Courier companies is South Africa don’t always call to say they are coming just to make the surprise extra special... but that morning i knew it can be only one thing. The device that will change my live completely in so many ways! I remember shaking as my hart pounded from excitement! Its finally hear.. i ordered the stash box as well. When i opended it i looked at it for probably 10 to 15 minutes and till today 4 years later i can still find myself looking at it for a view min. Not ever thinking it can improve. I couldn’t afford the 2017/2018. But when you released the 2019 shadowM i bought 2 shadows and one pink one for my friends. I also modified it with the titanium tip. And o boy you showed me that it can stil improve! The 2020 is a thing if beauty. And its just become something to be looking forward to for the next year in a world that just seems to keep getting crazier. Im already saving for the 2020 and already excited ti see what the new year will bring! Never stop guys! Please. You can change the world with this device.. so my favorite memory wil keep growing

Laurenz Mar 9, 2020, 4:29 PM (19 months ago)

I got my first M in 2018. Stopped smoking with its help in early 2019. When the 19M came out, I immediately pre-ordered it for the improved airflow. The KarmaVap I received with it went to a buddy who is also mostly converted from smoking now thanks to it and the old 18M went to my girlfriend who uses it with CBD bud for her period cramps. Another buddy of mine also bought an 18M after trying mine and has upgraded to a RosiuM by now. My 19M is by far my most used vape out of 7 I own. I'd absolutely love that complete M collection, I'd probably give the ones I already have to friends and keep the rest for my collection!

Jason Mar 9, 2020, 4:51 PM (19 months ago)

Daemon the Golden Dynavap. In Greek Mythology a Daemon was a semi-divine spirit, a sort of immortal mortal. These spirits were a go between for gods and mortals, often delivering divine messages and blessings. When trying to put my vaping experience into words I have found no better words than these. Immortality is often symbolized by gold which is why I call my gold "M" Daemon

Tom Mar 9, 2020, 5:10 PM (19 months ago)

Hello Dynavap

As a long term smoker i never believed i would move over to vaping. I bought my first M 2018 based on amazing reviews and at first i was sceptical but the more i used it the more i began to appreciate it. Its now my go to way to medicate and i soon upgraded to a 2019 M, i decided to gift my old 2018 M to a friend and he's now also combustion free.

Thank you dynavap your product changed the game for me and also now my friend. Can't wait to try the new 2020 model.


peter Mar 9, 2020, 5:21 PM (19 months ago)

I love my Dynavap 2019 M. I even bought one for my son and, after learning that you can heat up the Dynavap with an induction coil, I ordered a bunch of parts and built my own induction heater. Heating with butane torches has always been hit and miss for me, sometimes I get it perfect and love it.
Unfortunately, after putting together my own induction heater I saw on the site that Dynavap is now selling one. Sigh!
I can't wait to get my hands on the latest model! Induction heating is by far the best way to use the Dynavap and look forward to saving enough coins to buy their induction heater.

Wiilliam Mar 9, 2020, 5:46 PM (19 months ago)

For 25 years ive always been a mouth to lung dude blunts joints u name it. direct lung bongs or other vapes i just dont enjoy at all. So when i seen the Vapcap it all changed and i joined the world of vaping and now i want every Vapcap out in every color and every accessory i can find from the Simrell colection to Sneaky Petes glass pieces, i have the omnivap hydra xl on the way and cant wait to try the omni for the first time. Thank your Dynavap for changing my world and making every day a 420 day.........

Dordevic Mar 9, 2020, 6:28 PM (19 months ago)

It has to be a story with security check at the airport. I always bring a vape or two with me that are cleaned so am not in any kind of pressure.
So, the guy was like ok, what is this. So i said it's aromatherapy device, vaporizer. He was like i don't get it, how does it work? He actually even called his female colleague to have a look. I kind of explain but he is like but how does it work? So i explained where you put your drt herb material as in peppermint or something lol and explained how you apply lighter etc. They we're literally bamboozled and said ok thanks, we never seen one before. I must say at the end i wanted to say, listen is this a security threat? Do you think i can harm someone? If not, why i am speaking to you about it? But now when i look back, it's a funny story.

Alexander Mar 9, 2020, 6:54 PM (19 months ago)

You guys have changed my life and it was only by accident. I had been looking for a vaporizer for a while, all the ones I had tried just never did it for me which turned me off to vaping. I was just not getting the satisfaction that I was looking for. Eventually I came across the Dynavap and I instantly fell in love with the design and the simplicity of it. I loved that there were not no chargers and no waiting for a battery to charge. It was instant vapor and satisfying enough when I got it, I did not set it down. Before I realize a couple weeks have passed and I had accidently quit smoking. I had no intentions on doing this as I just wanted to get a cheap vape that would just work every time I wanted it to. More than anything I would love to thank you all in person, for changing my life and helping me find what I’m passionate about. Go Beyond Smoke!

Joseph Mar 9, 2020, 8:02 PM (19 months ago)

My favorite Dynavap moment has gotta be sitting out on my deck with a torch and my vap. Just enjoying a starry stony night.