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We here at DynaVap love a good VapCappin' story. For a chance to win one of every "M" we've made here at the VapLab, including the brand new 2020 edition, tell us your favorite DynaVap story (imagination is encouraged). Any story is welcome, whether it be the first time you saw an "M" or how a VapCap has impacted your life. Tell us your story!

Winner will be announced on DynaVap Live this Thursday, March 12th at 4:19PM CT. This show will also kick off our pre-order sale of The 2020 "M". Any order with a 2020 "M" or 2020 "M" Starter Pack will receive 20% off the entire cart.

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Louie Mar 9, 2020, 11:13 AM (19 months ago)

Hello Dynavap Universe! So I invested in a 2016 M model back then & whoa. 1st thing was like nah, this thing aint gona do shit for my fat ass Joint smoker I was. Loved the hash too, but wait. The day I got my dynavap I was blown the Fuck away, and still am to this day. Very well made product. Only has my screen broken cause i used a torch to clean. But 2016 M model still making vape clouds, hash, herbs, keif, it does it all, especially with that concentrate thing, I haven't even got on that or the low temp cap? Like, I can't wait for some deals so I can load up, since healthier alternative to quitting. Pffft, put the cap on & vape it! Excellent gift too, just saying. And all my smoke friends that tried are like wtf is that? That won't hit, 10 min later all stoned like whaaaaa, lmao. Thank you all @ Dynavap.

Pierre Mar 9, 2020, 11:21 AM (19 months ago)

When I got my Dynavap, I was already familiar with electric dry herb vapes and used my Volcano and Mighty regulary. My thoughts were like: "Well, now I've a backup device if I need one." But I didn't thought, that this little guy could also get my daily driver.. until I began hitting this beast. It was not like the other vapes I knew, which were all more like session vapes. No, this tiny thing could extract a whole chamber full of my favorite herb in 3, 2 or even 1 hit, just depending on the way I heat it. However, this wasn't the only reason I fell in love with the Dynavap. The reason, that makes this device so unique to me, is this classic ritual of preparing it with ground herb, lighting it up, and when it clicks... Yeah, this is the moment you can take a big, tasty, cloudy hit. And when you breathe it out, your herb will already start to kick in.

Anthony Mar 9, 2020, 11:22 AM (19 months ago)

DynaVaps are a game changer IME!

I've been spreading the word & have given them to everyone important in my life.

You can't go wrong with the consistent quality or portability, especially when used in conjunction with the DynaTec Apollo2.

Johnny Mar 9, 2020, 11:32 AM (19 months ago)

I recieved my Dynavap in a giveaway. Ever since I've had it. And I numerous varieties of vaporizers. With the Dynavap it's not bulky, I can carry it in my pocket without having to lug around a big bag. With the Dynavap all I need is my torch lighter. It's convenient and stealthy. Now I never leave home without it. The best battery free actually the only battery free vaporizer I own. Truly genius

Jacqueline Mar 9, 2020, 11:34 AM (19 months ago)

Never thought I'd find a great alternative to burning product to smoke, until my boyfriend introduced me one night to the dynavap. At first I didnt believe him on how much of a difference this small but mighty aparatus could make. Especially considering we both have terrible lungs, we've been dynavap super fans ever since. Using the dynavap together has actually brought us closer and we wont be using anything else any time soon. Thank guys! Good luck to everyone entering the contest.

Jacob Mar 9, 2020, 11:38 AM (19 months ago)

I had just gotten my first dynavap cause I wanted to make the switch from combustion to vaping. At that point I'd been combusting for over 10 years... Same with my friends. And most of us had tried vaping before but had never liked it. So that being said, one night I go to a party with most of my friends and my new M and I'm super excited to show them. Night starts.. They light their joints and I take out my new dynavap.. I Tell them it's a vape and they didn't even want to try it cause, like I've said, most of us had tried vaping before and didn't like it. So the night goes on and they've probably smoked 10 joints at that point, and I'm just there doing my dynavap hits and hardly smoked a gram.. And they went threw almost a 7g... So they notice and ask me " are you even high? " and jeez, was I ever!! ... At that point they were curious enough to try it... Well let me tell you the rest is history and about two weeks later most of my friends had a dynavap M and some went for the hydravong and the omni and we are all still going at it :) most of us only vape now and some of us still like to smoke an occasional joint. But dynavap has changed our lives for ever and for the best, that's for sure! :)

Sean M Mar 9, 2020, 11:42 AM (19 months ago)

Shortly after recieving my first vapcap, it became my DD. One day after packing up a nice tasty load, i went to hit it, but i couldn't find my cap anywhere. I looked EVERYWHERE!!! I frantically searched the apartment. I was tearing off couch cushions, checking under every piece of furniture, basically freaking out. About an hour later, i was sitting down still trying to think of where that cap could have possibly went. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, i see my 2018 M sitting there with the cap put on over the mouthpiece, where I now remembered putting it for safe keeping.... Moral of the story, have more than one cap. Lol.

Chris Mar 9, 2020, 11:58 AM (19 months ago)

My boys and I are on the ski lift headed up to hit one of our favorite off trail runs with a beautiful overlook and it’s COLD... Everyone was excitedly but frantically fighting to remove their frozen atomizer caps while reloading more phenomenal concentrates into their battery powered atomizers to consume at our next smoke spot as I’m effortlessly packing up my trusty M. Tho only our second run of the day and despite all the batteries having been fully charged before heading up for the day, ALL THREE were completely dead plus the backup cartridge battery! We have known the cold to create this issue but we could not revive the batteries as we were sometimes able to in the past. Needless to say, the M saved the day!! We vaped scrumptious flower/concentrate combo bowls until we had achieved the mindset we were after and then vaped a few more as we realized we had barely even put a dent in the day’s rations! We were riding high that day! While drinking our post ski beers, they all three placed an order for tried and true, trusty VapCap Ms.

Santhosh Mar 9, 2020, 11:59 AM (19 months ago)

2018 Sep is the month I started to taste the bud . My first experience was unforgettable, later I gotta taste of it and used to have it twice a month ( till date too). Later friends used to say side effects of it. When I did a research on it came to know that bud it good for health but smoking it is the actual wrong thing to do, for this reason I left joints and using bong shots, but using bong is very difficult because it's not stealthy nor portable. Later came to know about genius pipe which is stealthy. But it burns the bud and once again it's a smoke. Later I used to search for vapouriser (e vapouriser) which is very much costly. Now I started searching for a device which is: 1. First and foremost should be cheap. 2. Vapouriser. 3. Stealthy device. When I randomly watching YouTube videos I saw vap cap for the first time, exactly an year after I started tasting bud by God grace I came to know about dynavap. Which satisfying all my conditions. Even though it's cheaper, but costlier to me as a student and Indian (1$=72₹approx),so I started to save my pocket money to buy it , soon I buy it. But I'm trying all the giveaways to get it . God bless me luck to win giveaway

nathaniel Mar 9, 2020, 12:15 PM (19 months ago)

i really like that this vaporizer because has no battery so i dont need to be worry about the charge for my smoke sessions. Its very portable and is a good vaporizer for taste the flavors when smoking.