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DynaVap Newsletter, Issue 1

Greetings VapCappers and welcome to the first edition of our DynaVap Newsletter. Travel with us through the DynaVerse, get to know our products and the people that make them, and enjoy a monthly dose of the happenings in our community. We at DynaVap want to thank you for coming with us and also - buckle up. 

Interstellar travel can be real bumpy.

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George Hit the Road

George kicked his summer off with a road trip through the country.  He rode his Tesla through Tennessee and paid his respects to The King of Graceland, rinsed off at the Hot Springs National Park, and a quick pit stop in Sulphur Springs, Texas for a mirrored bathroom break.  You can see more of his trip on our Instagram!  And while George was leaving nothing but tireprints across the country, the DynavVap family saw the addition of two new members. Their new identities are still being processed with the DynaVerse customs, but needless to say that you should expect easier communication with our world and new merchandise to take back to Earth. Share a post of the cool things you saw here or show that t-shirt off to loved ones that have been to only one universe; our new members are just happy that you enjoyed the trip!


On the Move & Sale Preview

New family members means a bigger home, and we're happy to say that the DynaVap family is moving!  And to celebrate our liberation of office space, our independence from the tyranny of electricity, we're offering 20% off all of our products (excluding precious metals, bundles, and C-Vaps)! There will also be 3 x new Bundles to choose from and newsletter subscribers will get early access to them. From June 30th to July 5th, take advantage of our Battery Independence Sale and upgrade your alien technology to a new level of smoke and battery free enjoyment.


DynaVap Live

Once your new technology arrives, take a look at yesterday's episode of DynaVap Live to learn the best heating methods and tips.  And don’t miss the next episode where we talk about our Battery Independence Day Sale and what freedom from electricity means to us.  Check it out live at 4:19 PM CDT on July 2nd!

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Exploring the DynaVerse

If you already know how to use your product, but you're worried you may find yourself without a torch, check out this month's episode of Exploring the DynaVerse. George and the crew test out Alternative Heat Sources for the VapCap.

That's the low down from our side of the galaxy and we hope you stick with us as we dive into DynaVap virtual trade shows, post new videos on our YouTube channel, and showcase those lucky DynaVappers that won in our Summer Solstice Giveaway.  Along with special giveaways, newsletter subscribers will receive special offers, such as a Cyclone Torch and SlimStash for $20 plus free domestic shipping. A little treat from us to you for taking the ride.   


Enjoy your stay on Sestrune-9. The DynaNewsletter ship will be back soon to take you to the next stop on our travels!

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Rogelio Jun 22, 2020, 4:29 AM (2 years ago)

Excited for the battery independence sale!

Seth Jun 25, 2020, 10:47 AM (2 years ago)

Should have stopped by when you were on your way through Hot Springs George.