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DynaVap Retailers Around the World

DynaVap Live broadcasts every other Thursday on our YouTube channel. We discuss various topics, feature guests from the Dynaverse, introduce new products, provide demonstrations and answer questions from the live chat. To be notified of our next episode, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Video Ben is the Manager of the Media Department at DynaVap. He has been the executive producer of DynaVap Live since its inception.

In this week’s episode, Josh was joined by Wholesale rep Jeff Alexander to discuss and promote our many retailers around the world.

Continue below for highlights from last week’s episode or click here to watch.

Community Question

For this week’s community question, we asked you where you buy your DynaVap gear and the clear winner was “Online in my country.” We conducted the same poll on Twitter (@DynaVap) and got similar results.

The Snap

On this week’s Snap, Josh demonstrates how to get to know the uniqueness of your new cap. You can watch the full snap episode
here or read about it in our blog.

2020 M XL

To turn your 2020 M into an M XL, you will need an XL condenser kit.

Remove your tip and M condenser (use the cap’s digger outer). Flip the M stem over so that the tip is on the built-in mouthpiece end. Place the XL condenser into the other end.

Note: the DynaVap M has a stem length midsection.

Heating Tips

Josh does
a heating demonstration with the 2020 M.

At a glance, you may have noticed the 2020 M does not produce as much vapor as the 2019 M. This is due to the tip’s thermal mass. In order to get that denser vapor, you will need to heat slightly longer than the previous M model.

Using a triple torch, reduce your flame as low as it can go without sputtering. 

Aim the bottom two jets of your torch at the bottom of your 2020 M.

Remember this jingle:

Heat the base to launch to space; heat the tip for a tasty rip.

While spinning the 2020 M, hold about one inch from the flames. It will take more time to click, but this method allows the heat to soak in.

For denser vapor, as soon as the cooldown click occurs, heat again the same way. The key is the distance: you are extending the time it takes to reach the heat up click.

For lighter vapor, aim the two bottom jets at the cap crimp.

There are two ways to spin for heating: back and forth or infinite spin. For beginners, Josh recommends the infinite spin.

Retailers Around the World

There are about 500 brick and mortar shops and 200 e-commerce stores in 50 countries around the world offering DynaVap products.

To find a shop near you, search our
shop map or view our list of online shops. If your retailer is not on our list, please let us know!

We encourage you to go to your local shop and support them. One of the advantages of a physical shop is that you can actually see our products in person.

If you are looking for a specific product but your local shop doesn’t offer it, let them know. They are going to stock what’s in demand.

Featured Retailers

HeadRush Vape & Smoke

Located in San Antonio, Texas, HeadRush Vape & Smoke provides delivery services to purchases made on their website within one hour in the San Antonio area.

You can also visit or contact them at:

Headrush Vape & Smoke

8923 Culebra Rd, Suite 102

San Antonio, TX 78251, US

+1 210-332-5074

Hemp Generation Wellness

Hemp Generation Wellness is located in Cary, North Carolina.

You can visit or contact them at: 

124 SW Maynard Rd

Cary, NC 27511

+1 919-371-5328

How can I become a DynaVap retailer?

Is there a minimum purchase for a retailer to get started when carrying DynaVap products?

If you are a retailer or a customer, send us a photo of your local shop through our DynaVerse content page. (Retailers, you can also reach out to Jeff Alexander)

Customer Questions

When are induction heaters going to be back in stock?

When will large or XL merchandise be available on the website?

Different types of wood for HydraVongs?

When will CVaps be back in stock?

Will there be a color option for the 2020 M?

When will slim stashes be available in the EU?

New titanium tips?

Battery-powered induction heater?

Magnet on the slim stash?

We ended the show with our first Share the click video. You can see the entire video on our website.

Our next episode: Thursday, June 4th

Our next episode will be on Thursday, June 4th. Keep an eye on our YouTube Channel for an official announcement on Tuesday, June 2nd.

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