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Last Week on DynaVap Live: Herb Ripper Grinders

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In this week’s episode, Josh and Pranav discuss the Herb Ripper, an American made stainless steel grinder. Josh interviewed Herb Ripper founder Kevin Barth about how he got started and what makes the Herb Ripper unique. The 3-piece & 4-piece Herb Ripper is currently available on our website.

Continue below for highlights from last week’s episode or click here to watch.

3 piece herbripper

Instagram Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations to Instagram photo winner Courtney B. for her awesome photo of hydrangea and a Galaxy Glass stem with a titanium mouthpiece.

Instagram photo winner

Community Question

For this week’s community question, we asked you how do you vaporize your material and the clear winner was “Medium Grind.” We conducted the same poll on Twitter (@DynaVap) and got similar results.

YouTube community pollTwitter Community Poll

Kevin from Herb Ripper

Herb Ripper is an Ohio based grinder manufacturer lead by Herb Ripper creator Kevin Barth. The Herb Ripper is made from 100% stainless steel construction and is designed to be modular and easy to use.

Kevin from Herbripper

Watch Josh’s interview with Kevin here:

How did you get started?

Grinding Versus Not Grinding?

How do different grind consistencies change the experience?

As Josh explains, when you are grinding a coarse grind or no grind at all, you get better flavor but you’re not vaporizing your compounds as efficiently due to less surface area.

As your fresh material gets finer, your vapor gets denser. Herb Ripper offers 3 different grater plates: medium, fine, and extra fine. The Herb Rippers on are medium grind.

Pranav, on the other hand, likes the finer things in life. He likes to put whole material into his VapCap. He encourages everyone to try different methods and figure out what works best for you.

Heating Tip: Induction Heater & the 2020 M

Josh demonstrates how to refine your heating technique with the 2020 M and the Apollo 2 induction heater.

Even though an induction heater is an electronic device, you still need a technique for quality experiences.

Induction Heater Tips

The 2020 M is designed for flavor and:

For denser pulls, try the pulse method. Simply place your 2020 M into the induction heater, press it down for about 3 seconds, and let go. Repeat this until you hear the click.

Skip a heat cycle. When your 2020 M clicks, place it on the magnet and don’t take a draw. As soon as it clicks, place it back into the induction heater until it clicks, then take a draw.

This slows down the heat up process, creating better flavor and bigger clouds.


For beginner tips with a torch, watch Josh demonstrate 2020 M heating tips with a triple torch.

Customer Questions

When will induction heaters be back in stock?

News on C-Vaps

Will the Herb Ripper grinder have different plates for different grinding consistencies?

What’s the best way to clean the Ripper?

Does the interview mean a DynaGrinder is in the works?

Can the magnet on the Herb Ripper hold the VapCap for cooling?

How often should I clean my grinder?

Our next episode: Thursday, June 18th

Our next episode will be on Thursday, June 18th. Keep an eye on our YouTube Channel for an official announcement on Tuesday, June 16th.


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