Heating Tips for your Vaporizer

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In last week’s episode, our lead customer service representative, Retail Josh was joined by DynaVap founder George Breiwa and Automation Pranav to discuss heating tips for DynaVap VapCaps.

If this is your first time watching or hearing about DynaVap Live, we are DynaVap and we manufacture battery-free vaporizers. If you haven’t used our product yet, this episode about heating tips will serve as a valuable resource to get you started. 

Currently, over on our Instagram, we are doing the Six Days of Summer Solstice Giveaway. We picked a winner for the giveaway from the YouTube live chat.

There is also a very active community on forums such as Reddit, FC forum, Vaporents, and DynaVerse (Facebook).


Community Question

This week’s community question was what aspect is most important to you in a torch. The overwhelming majority of the DynaVerse prefers reliability in their torches. If you want to weigh in on our next community question, check out our Twitter or the Community Tab on our YouTube channel.

6.18.20 community YT question6.18.20 Twitter question

Wholesaler June Spotlight

If you are looking for a store in your area, you can do a search on our website for Online shops and Retailers. We encourage you to support these businesses - and if you know a local shop that doesn’t already sell DynaVap, tell them about us!

DL dynavap retailer
According to our Sale Dude Jeff, we have recently added 30 new retailers that are now selling the DynaVap line. This includes brick and mortar shops, as well as authorized online stores. 

If you would like us to feature a DynaVap retailer in your area, please reach out to Jeff@dynavap.com.

Our two featured retailers of the month are Upper Limits Midwest in Springfield, Illinois and E Vapor of Appleton.

DL upper limits

E vapor

Heating Tips

George’s biggest word of advice when heating your VapCap: slow down! Give a little more space between your heat source and device so that the heat has more time to soak into the tip. By encouraging a less intense temperature, you’ll get a more satisfying experience overall.

With an induction heater, Pranav recommends using the pulse method. This also slows down the heating process.

Josh also agrees with the slow heating approach. George also recommends getting to know your VapCap by heating it up empty for the first time.

The tips Josh discussed are further emphasized in this week’s episode of The Snap, which features several basic heating techniques with the 2020 M. You can watch that episode of the Snap or for a more detailed guide, you can also read our blog.

If you’re using a single flame torch such as the Javeline, your heating time will take a little bit longer. With the 2020 M especially, the overall time will take longer due to it having more mass to heat up. This also means the 2020 M will stay hot longer.

single torch

Customer Questions

Is heating the VapCap in the microwave a good idea? (the short answer is NO: DO NOT USE YOUR MICROWAVE TO HEAT YOUR VAPCAP) 

Is it possible to heat my VapCap in the bowl of another vaporizer?

How long will it take a lightbulb to click a cap?

Can I use a torch to clean a CCD?

When do you think is the end of the life for The Cap?

Cleaning The Cap recommendations?

Why does The Cap change colors?

Does different or less pure butane cause The Cap to become discolored?

Why does my Cap turn black when I use a lighter, but not when I use a torch (This question was also explained in ‘How to Heat a VapCap with a BIC lighter’ as well as on a recent episode of Exploring the DynaVerse.

Would a plasma torch make a good heating source? 

Our next episode: Thursday, July 2nd

Our next episode will be on July 2nd in which we will talk about our Battery Independence Day Sale and what freedom from electricity means to us.

Keep an eye on our YouTube Channel for an official announcement on Tuesday, June 30th.


Video Ben is the Manager of the Media Department at DynaVap. He has been the executive producer of DynaVap Live since its inception.

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