Black Friday Sale 2020 FAQ


* 20% off entire store (minus Special Bundles)
* Free domestic shipping ($7 off international shipping)
* 6 x Special Bundles


Q: Sale Start Date

A: Wednesday, November 25th at 4:19PM (CT)


Q: Sale End Date:

A: Monday, November 30th at 11:59PM (CT)


Q: Where do I find the Special Bundles on the website?

A: You can find all 6 x Bundles in the Kits section. All Bundles are while supplies last.


Q: When will my order ship?

A: Orders will ship out every business day as usual, except for Thursday, November 26th, as it is a US Holiday.


Q: Will I get free shipping?

A: All domestic (USA addresses) orders will receive free shipping during the sale. All international orders will have $7 automatically removed from the shipping price.


Q: When will I know my order has shipped?

A: Once your order ships, you will receive a separate email with tracking information to the email address that was used to make your purchase.


Q: I want to change this Pack/Kit, can you substitute that out for me?

A: Unless otherwise noted in the product description, the packs/kits do not allow substitutions.  


Q: Can I add to my order after it has been placed?

A: We understand that it can be difficult to decide on what items you want, but please do so before placing the order as any order changes will require us to completely cancel the order and refund the transaction. We do our best to get to any emails with order changes prior to shipping items but, to ensure fast processing, your order may ship before we see any requests for changing the order. To avoid these situations and additional shipping fees, please ensure your purchase is complete prior to completing your order. 


Q: My order is not going through. I keep getting an AVS error, but I see the funds are being taken from my account. What is going on?

A: If you are receiving an AVS error, please contact your financial institution and verify that the information is an EXACT match to what they have on file. Any discrepancy will result in a declined purchase and a temporary hold on your account for the order value.  


Q: I made a mistake in my order. How do I correct the mistake?

A: If you made a mistake when purchasing, please fill out the best Contact Form for your situation, or give us a call at (719) DYNAVAP as soon as possible. We also offer Live Chat Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM (CT), except for Thursday, November 26th.


Q: If I purchase an hour after the sale ends, can I get the discount?

A: No, if you would like to make a purchase and receive the discounts/promotions, the sale must be completed prior to the sale ending. Please do not wait until the last minute to make your purchase because, if you encounter any technical issues or issues with your card, we will not be able to honor the promotions after the sale end time.  


Q: Are there any rain checks for out of stock items?

A: No, all the items during the sale are 'while supplies last.'


Q: What products aren't being discounted in the sale?

A: The 6 x Special Bundles (The Party Pack Bundle, Ultimate "M" Starter Bundle, The Color "M" 3-Pack with SlimStashes, The Coal Bundle, The Cap Pack, The Torch Pack).


Q: What does 'Various Colors' mean for the Dagger in The Torch Pack?

A: You will get a Dagger Torch in either Black, Chrome, or Copper, with your pack.


Q: Why are the Orion Induction Heater's out of Stock?

A: Unfortunately, we are currently out of stock of the Orion. We are hoping to have more in the shop within a few weeks. We offer other models, while supplies last, like The Rover or the Apollo 2 with NA plug or EU plug.


Q: What if I am having issues with my shipped package?

A: Right now, carrier services are experiencing slight delays. Please give your package 7 days to get to you before contacting us. Thank you for your understanding.


Q: What should I do if my question wasn't answered in this FAQ?

A: Please visit our Contact Page and fill out a Contact Form, call us at 719-396-2827, or Live Chat us at the bottom right corner of our website (during posted hours).

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