Beginner’s Guide: Cannabis Concentrates and How to Dab

OIL Day is a little more than a month away so there is no better time than now to get a stronger understanding of concentrates and how they can be used with the DynaCoil. 

It might come as a surprise, but not everybody that has consumed cannabis has tried concentrates or “dabs.” Many have not due to a lack of understanding on what they are or how to best consume them. We’re here to give you the skinny on dabs so that you have a better grasp as to what cannabis concentrates are and how to use them with DynaVap products. 

Before we dive into a discussion about dabbing, we first need to lay some groundwork and talk about what concentrates are and why many cannabis users choose to use them instead of flower. 

When describing the various types of concentrates, they are usually described via two different methods, either by the type of extraction or texture and the consistency of the cannabis concentrate. 


Extraction, Texture, and Consistency of Concentrates

You may have heard the terms, BHO, CO2 Oil, Distillate, or Rosin. This refers to how the compounds in cannabis were extracted either by a solvent such as butane, or solventless when referring to rosin. 

More commonly, terms that are used to describe the texture and consistency of the concentrate are used. You likely have heard the words, shatter, budder, sugar, wax, and pull and snap. These are all referring to the stability and texture of the concentrate itself. Many users have a personal preference due to how it is stored, loaded and melts when used. 

For more detail on the individual types of cannabis concentrates I highly recommend reading the two articles below from Leafly and Weedmaps where they do an in-depth explanation on the various types of concentrates. 

Leafly: Advanced Marijuana Concentrates and Dabs

Weedmaps: How to Consume Cannabis Concentrates


Why Use Concentrates?

Now why would a person use concentrates in the first place? There are many potential reasons largely due to increased potency. Flower tends to top out at around mid-to-low 30 percent THC and finding that strength of flower can often be quite the chore.  Whereas finding a concentrate that is over 50 percent THC is easier than finding a VapCap at our office, hence the name concentrate as the compounds are more concentrated, and not just THC. I personally find the flavors from concentrates to be stronger and more vivid. For example, when you have a strain named Orange Cookies, it tastes like fresh orange peel and orange juice. It is quite the experience to be hand. 

Another benefit that comes along with the increased potency is that whether you are a recreational user or medicinal user you get where you want to be much faster. For many people a single “dab” is enough.  


How to Use “Dabs” in a VapCap

To use “dabs” in a VapCap you have several options. 

For those just looking at super powering their flower, the sandwich bowl is quite popular and requires only the VapCap itself. This is where you take a small amount of flower and load it into your tip, top it with concentrate, and load a little more flower on top before adding your Cap. Your session will be longer, you will have increased punch due to the added potency, however you lose out on the purity of the flavor of your chosen strain. Unless you have the same exact stain for both your flower and concentrates you will not be getting the taste you are paying for with each material. 

This is where the DynaCoil comes into play. The DynaCoil is our concentrate adaptor accessory that is compatible with every single one of our tips and converts your VapCap into your own little dab-rig that depending on your VapCap can be run through water (try using the VonG) or natively. The DynaCoil is constructed from one continuous piece of medical grade titanium and the intricate construction holds concentrates in place while providing ample space for extraction. 

Simply pop the DynaCoil into your tip with the teeth pointing upwards while pressing and twisting it in until you feel it “click” into place ;) 

Another huge benefit and honestly the biggest selling point for the DynaCoil is how it stretches your concentrate even further due to how it was engineered. There are over a thousand perforations and teeth that suspend the “dab” in place once melted allowing you to use a minimal amount of concentrate to get the same number of draws and vapor production. There is remarkably little waste when compared to traditional methods. You will find that you only need a small amount about the size of half a grain of rice and you should get several heating cycles before needing to reload. You will continue to get that wonderful terpy flavor each time as you will be operating at a lower temperature to start and with each heat cycle the temperature will climb to complete the extraction. 

This means you will be able to get more hits out of your concentrate which means you can savor the flavor and effect for that much longer before hitting up the dispensary again. 

Want to see the DynaCoil in action? We’ve made a video playlist of how the DynaCoil works, how to load it, and how to clean it that you can check out.

In conclusion, now that you have a better handle on what cannabis concentrates are and how to dab using a VapCap you can be prepared for the upcoming OIL Day on July 10th. If you wish to dabble in dabs, do not be afraid. It is a different but delicious way to extract those compounds we all know and love and it could never be more easy with a VapCap and DynaCoil. 

If you have any questions at all regarding the DynaCoil or concentrates be sure to drop a comment below as we would love to hear from you. 

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