As Seen on PBS: Thermal Extraction Devices

DynaVap is revolutionizing the cannabis industry with their battery and smoke-free Thermal Extraction Devices (TEDs). The devices are used to heat herbs above the temperature of which the desirable compounds are activated, but not high enough to activate combustion.

Combustion occurs when a product is heated to the point at which it begins to burn and emit smoke. There are two big problems with inhaling combusted plant matter: the temperature is so high that it can cause damage to the throat and lungs, and the user runs the risk of inhaling small pieces of plant matter and other harmful chemicals.

For example, when cannabis is heated to the point of combustion and inhaled, a user may inhale by-products such as carbon monoxide and tar, as a 2015 study found. Frequent inhalation of such substances may lead to respiratory issues or lung cancer.

In contrast, DynaVap’s Thermal Extraction Devices do not combust the herbs that are housed within the device’s chamber, so there is no smoke to inhale. The active compounds are heated to their boiling point and turned into vapor – just like how boiled water turns into steam.

When this vapor is inhaled, the user gets to experience all of the benefits that smoking an herb offers, without the possibility of inhaling burning plant matter, by-products, and hot smoke. 

Furthermore, DynaVap’s Thermal Extraction Devices work without batteries or hot coils, which sets them apart from other cannabis trends, like vaping. 

Typical vaping products work with a concentrated liquid that contains active and inactive compounds, a battery, an atomizer (heating device), and a sensor. When the user holds the sensor down or activates it by inhaling through the mouthpiece, the battery heats up the concentrated liquid to a temperature at which it turns into vapor so the user can inhale it.

The issue with vaping products such as these is the fact that they need to be constantly recharged or replaced as the batteries die and the chambers that hold the liquid empties. Users also put themselves at risk of inhaling toxic compounds that could possibly be in the concentrated liquid. These are just some of the issues in the cannabis industry that DynaVap has set out to solve.

DynaVap’s devices perfectly combine the past and the future of the cannabis industry to create the ideal user experience. Their devices work without heating an herb to the point of combustion and don’t require any batteries at all – a simple butane torch lighter will do the trick.

Therefore, DynaVap’s devices are neither smoking devices nor vaping devices. They are a breed of their own, set apart from both traditional and modern cannabis trends. They don’t need to be recharged or replaced and the parts are customizable with various sizes and styles to choose from so each user can create their own experience.  A great starter device would be The “M”, which is made from medical grade stainless steel and includes a 10mm tapered mouthpiece that mates perfectly with water pieces.

DynaVap allows users to further customize their experience by giving them more control over which compounds they are inhaling, and how much of that compound. The dosing chamber in DynaVap’s Thermal Extraction Devices allow for microdosing and users can put as much or as little herb into the chambers as they’d like. No more lungs full of smoke or toxic ingredients – just raw plant matter.

You can learn more about DynaVap’s Thermal Extraction Devices via a recent Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) docu-segment that discusses Thermal Extraction and what sets DynaVap apart from others in the cannabis industry.

As Seen on PBS: DynaVap’s Thermal Extraction Devices

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