Induction Heater weekend! Grab an "M" & Apollo 2 for $130 or an Omni & Rover for $239!

2020 "M" Preorder FAQ

When can I pre-order The 2020 "M" or a Starter Pack?

The pre-order begins on March 12th at 4:00PM CT and goes through March 31st at 11:59PM CT.


How do I get 20% off?

You will receive 20% your entire cart if you pre-order The 2020 "M", The 2020 "M" Starter Pack, or The 2020 "M" Starter Pack with DynaCoil. This will be applied in your cart automatically. (Exclusions: Precious Metals)


When will I receive my 2020 "M" or my Captive Cap?

Your order should arrive to you on April 1st, or soon thereafter that date.


Are there any other new products?

You can now purchase The Captive Cap on its own. Official launch date for this item is also April 1st.


What is the new packaging made of?

The 2020 "M" comes in 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard for safe transportation. 


What is the 'Complimentary Tube' that gets added to my cart?

We will be sending a complimentary tube with all 2020 "M" pre-orders for anyone that would still like to utilize the Tube for cleaning purposes.


I would like to add an item to my pre-order that has already been placed.

Please submit a Contact Form inquiry for assistance.

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Alicia Mar 23, 2020, 9:01 AM (3 years ago)

Can’t wait! Thank you!